Misc. Logotypes


Rusty’s Vape & Smoke Shop


Arrow + Ink

Arrow + Ink is a freelance copywriter that wants to help small businesses and entrepreneurs tell their stories by helping these folks find their voice and streamline their messaging.

They wanted their logo to use an arrow to symbolize direction and purpose, movement, and direction with the addition of a quill as a type of arrow and a tool to write with.



Almost every chef I’ve met has expressed that their love of cooking stems from their effort to care for their community or honor their heritage. Bringing people together over a meal is their greatest joy.

As an avid food enjoyer myself, it is an enormous pleasure to capture that care in the experience and show of their masterpieces before it’s quickly devoured.


Flimp Communications


I worked with the marketing team at Flimp on several projects and products that were used as advertisements and collateral for clients.


I used a combination of original work, stock vectors from Rohman effendi, and stock photos to create custom illustrations for the website re-launch. They were created according to the direction of the Creative Director and new brand guidelines.


I was asked to design two multiple-page client-facing documents and redesign several in-house benefits videos. These designs touted bright colors and stylized characters interacting with slightly abstract depictions of Flimp’s original software and various health plans.


My main responsibility at Flimp Communications was developing and illustrating storyboards for Health Insurance explainer videos. I mainly used Illustrator and to design, receive critique and present the storyboards.

First I would receive and read through the script created by the client and project manager, then decide the layouts based on the hierarchy of information and visuals that help the viewer engage.

I worked mainly in four design styles developed by Flimp, the Business Casual, Perspective, Moving Images, and their Video Library style.

Business Casual
Bold Lines
Video Library


Wedding photography is a true test of a shooter’s chops.

Not only is it a beautiful, high pressure, emotional occasion, but it combines several facets of photography like portrait, macro, event, product, and food.



I absolutely love shooting portraits and headshots. Especially for artists. Being able to see the face and personality behind the art is one of my favorite things as well as being an important marketing tool for the maker.


Art Gym Gallery

Art Gym Denver is a collaborative studio art space built on the premise that community is essential to the art world.

They offer an affordable alternative to private studio space and also feature a small accessible gallery that gives priority to members.

Instead of a vinyl sticker showing the artist’s names, they used a large screen that played an animation displaying the concept of the show.

Cahoots featured two Art Gym Studio members ( of different practices ) working “in cahoots” to develop work for the show.

Narrative Threads featured hand-bound books.

Polytopiary featured an intricate hand-cut topiary of paper foliage.

In honor of Pride month, Sexxhibition featured artists from around the US that had sex-themed work.

Dia de los Muertos featured all Chicano artists that made work honoring Dia de los Muertos.